Product Line

icon_ictag Transponders (RFID Tags) for 13.56MHz

Our RFID Tags have a wider variety of sizes and shapes. Tailor-made size, covering material, and resonance frequency are available.
icon_motor DC Motors and Coil materials

We offer a variety of DC motors and coils according to your needs. Self-developed production equipment achieves low-cost and a short delivery date.
icon_gd Disposers -BIO-CLEAN series

BIO-CLEAN series composts food waste powerfully and its composting ability has a long life. The waste is useful as fertile manure.
icon_toilet Bio-toilets -BT series

"BT series" Bio-toilets don't need water for flushing. It can be used even in the places without waterworks and drainage.


Jan.17, 2012
[Exhibition]World of Industry 2012 Part1 in Istanbul
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